When you installed your roof, how much did you pay for it? Chances are, you paid several thousands of dollars for it. That’s such a huge investment and you surely want to maximize your roof’s worth. To assure yourself of that, there is only one thing that you should do. Clean it periodically.  

Cleaning your roof is similar to maintaining its functionality. It actually saves you money even if you’re paying for the service. That’s because roof cleaning extends the life of your roof. That will surely work to your advantage in more ways than one.   

The Benefits of Roof Cleaning 

Cleaning the roof is a chore that nobody but the professionals should do. Roof cleaning may appear easy, but it’s a fairly dangerous job if you don’t know what you’re doing. You surely don’t want to injure yourself because you fell down while cleaning the roof. Hire the professionals and you’ll enjoy these benefits: 

  1. Better curb appeal

A clean roof makes an attractive home. Everyone knows that the roof contributes to your house’s curb appeal. Such appeal is lost if your roof is dirty and algae-infested. Never ever keep a dirty roof if you can help it.  

  1. Well-protected home 

If your roof is clean, then you’re assured that it is functioning well. The main role of the roof is to protect your home from the elements. It forms a shield between you and the sun, rain, snow, and all the elements. The roof helps to keep your family and property safe.  

  1. Enforced warranty

When the roofing company installs your roof, it’s almost certain that they gave you a warranty on it. Some may even provide a lifetime warranty on the roof. However, such warranty is forfeited if you fail to maintain your roof. Read the fine print of the warranty clause so that you know what to do to conform to the roof’s warranty.  

  1. Lowerhomeowners insurancepremium 

Home insurance companies love a well-kept house. If you’re applying or renewing your home insurance and the company’s representatives came in for an inspection, they’ll put a markdown on your dirty roof. That means higher insurance premium for you just because you missed a roof cleaning schedule. Don’t let this happen to you. Get your roof cleaned at least thrice a year.   

Professional Roof Cleaning 

For professional roof cleaning, consult with reputable service providers. Roof cleaning may cost some$500 for an average-sized home. Of course, that’s just an estimate as there are many factors affecting the actual cost of the service. Naturally, cleaning dirty and algae-infested roofs costs higher a well-maintained roof.  

Roofs are meant to last for up to three decades. But if you don’t clean your roof periodically, it certainly won’t last that long. Maintaining your roof allows you to keep the manufacturer’s warranty, which is why doing so is to your advantage. It’s really a small price to pay in exchange for the longevity of your roof. So, go ahead and hire a professional roof cleaner today.